Contact Lenses

Advice for athletes on using contact lenses

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Contact lenses can be offered to anybody, who lives a life with proper hygiene. 
There are some exceptions, when a person has some kind of allergy or dry eyes, 
so these people canít wear contact lenses. This is especially the case with 
performance athletes who spent most of their time in open air. The base of it 
all is the quality and quantity of tear drops of oneís eyes. While you are wearing 
contact lenses your eyes could get a bit dry, so if you donít have enough tear in 
your eyes, referring to it as liquid not the act of crying, then you canít wear any 
contacts. Also allergies might appear when you start using contact lenses. But to 
avoid these unpleasant problems, you should consult your local doctor for advice. 
Go and take all the necessary tests to be sure you can use contacts. If you results 
are good and you can choose basically almost any type, you should try to search for 
contact lenses online. There is a large number of website specialized on contact lenses.
 For example biomedics 55 or toric contact lenses. Browse the internet and you will 
find contact lenses of all types, and shapes, and colors. You will find disposable ones, 
which are good if you want to be risk free of bacteria and surprise diseases , but there 
are monthly ones too if you donít want to buy a new one that often. If you decide to see 
better with contacts make sure you choose the good quality products, because you want to
 be proud of your eyes and to be satisfied of the help your contact lens will bring. 
Before you start using them, be careful how you clean them. Always have dry clean hands 
when you take out your lens. Use a cleaning solution recommended by your doctor and the 
company which manufactures the contacts. Never use tap water because it will ruin your 
lens and might cause even an eye infection! The genuine solutions are the best and the 
safest. Take good care of your eyes! 

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