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Color Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes - Lenses That Truly Work on Brown Eyes

by turner_tatyana

Many people with brown eyes dream of having blue or green eyes, and with modern color contacts for dark eyes this are quite possible. Not all color lenses work on dark eyes, but some are doing a pretty good job. Find out how to select the lenses that will work for you.

Manufacturing color lenses that can really transform brown eyes into emerald green or sky blue is not easy, but modern color contact lenses can do it. You just need to select your contacts carefully.

All color contact lenses can be divided into two groups - enhancement color contacts and opaque color lenses. Enhancers give your eyes a tint of blue, green or gray and are designed to enhance your natural color and make your eyes look brighter. They are partially transparent which creates a natural-looking effect. Unfortunately, enhancement color contact lenses don't work on dark eyes. If a person with brown eyes wears enhancement lenses, they would be either completely invisible or would give only a very light tint that was not enough to change your color.

On the other hand, opaque color contacts were specifically created for brown eyes. The color is not transparent; only the center of the lens is clear, so you can still see. Opaque lenses aren't solid color, of course: high quality lenses consist of a mixture of colors to simulate the natural pattern of a human eye.

Realistic color contact lenses for dark eyes

The lenses many people find most realistic are Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision. They look very natural because the base color for each lens is actually a mix of three different shades - just like in real human eye. Each lens is lighter toward the middle becoming darker at the edge and it has pattern imprinted on it. Freshlook Colorblends creates vivid, deep color. Freshlook color contacts are monthly disposable color lenses, which means that you have to replace your lenses once a month. Most popular colors are Amethyst, True Sapphire and Green. These lenses are great but there is one disadvantage - they are very fragile and easy to tear when you clean them. So be extra careful, when rubbing Freshlook color contacts.

Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque by Johnson and Johnson also look natural and feel good in your eyes. Unlike Freshlook these color lenses are 2 weeks disposable; this is what the number 2 in its name means. They present two very nice shades of blue color contacts - try Sapphire Blue for a vivid color or Deep Blue for a color of deepest ocean water. Deep Blue works best if you have dark hair. Jade Green and Pearl Grey are also very interesting colors. If you think that grey eyes can't be exciting, try Pearl Grey - their shimmering color will change your mind.

If you are after light green or blue color lenses than your best choice would be Illusions by Ciba Vision. These are probably the only lenses that create very naturally looking effect of light eyes. Illusions are not disposable lenses; they are traditional annual replacement contacts. They also cost a bit more than Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors, but they are well worth the price

Free trial color contacts

Not many people know about it, but color contact lens manufacturers often let you try their lenses for free. You can visit manufacturer website and print a free trial certificate. Then take this certificate to your optometrist and there you will get your trial pair of color contacts absolutely free.

So as you can see, even if you have very dark eyes, you can find color contact lenses that will work for you. Color contacts of high quality feel comfortable and look realistic. Try some, you will love them.

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What Colour Contacts Will Go Well with Your Hair Colour?

by anutt

Many people love to wear colour contacts. There is something special about being able to change your eye colour. This is especially true for those who change their hair colour, but it may not compliment their eye colour so well. But what colour of contacts goes best with each hair colour? Will more than one work or will just one do the job? Those are great questions, which is why it is important to know the answers.

Brown hair

Those with brown hair tend to have varying eye colors, but most commonly their eyes are brown. Next to that, you'll find individuals with blue eyes or hazel eyes. Green and gray tend to be rare with those with brown hair, although it can happen.

If you're someone with brown hair who was born with brown eyes and you want something different, you can try a blue. Blue tends to go very well with brown hair. Depending on the shade of brown, you may want to try hazel as well. This is usually for those who may have lighter brown hair with a red tinge to it.

Blonde hair

Those with blonde hair are most commonly born with blue or green eyes. You will also see those with brown eyes. Those with blue or brown eyes may want to go for a green to go with their blonde hair. Then again, someone with blue or green eyes may decide to have brown. However, many are in agreement that blue or green colour contacts may go best with blonde hair.

There are also some rather exotic contact lens colours. There are bright green colors, reds, purples, and so much more. You may want your colour to look natural or you may want it to be obvious that you're using coloured contacts.

Black hair

Those with black hair may choose to go with a lighter contact lens colour. You will notice that blue eyes go great with black hair. So if you're someone with dark eyes, you may want to lighten it up a bit. You can also try gray, which may look rather different. However, for those who really want to be different, it is said that purple contact lenses can look quite interesting on an individual.

Red hair

For those with red hair who have blue or green eyes, trying blue or green contacts may be the way to go. But, of course, if you have blue eyes you're not going to try blue contacts unless they are of a different shade. The same goes for green eyes. You can get rather creative, but everyone is more or less in agreement that red hair and green eyes make for a great combination.

Be creative

Nevertheless, you can be creative. There are so many different colours out there. There are even contact lenses that have shapes on them. You have probably seen someone who looks like they have green cat eyes or they have lightning bolts in their eyes. It is obvious that they're wearing contacts, but they do it so that they look different. They like to experiment with different colours and more or less make people look at them.

However, you may not be satisfied with your natural eye colour or you are changing your hair colour. When either one of these things are an issue for you, you know that coloured contacts offer you a viable option. You shouldn't have to be dissatisfied with something that you can change. Although you can't have surgery to change your eye colour, you can at least purchase a contact lens that can.

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Weird And Crazy Contact Lenses Weird And Crazy Contact Lenses by jamie

Crazy Contact Lenses - Offers You With The Weirdest Look

Crazy contact lenses give you the weirdest kind of look that you can ever think of. Hitherto, actors and actresses of horror movies and serials used these contact lenses to give a nightmarish experience to the audiences. But these days the crazy contact lenses are popularly used by laymen to give themselves the spookiest look.

Why wear crazy contact lenses?

The crazy contact lenses are used solely for the purpose of style. They are zero powered contact lenses and are mainly designed to provide fun and entertainment. So you do not need any prescription from opticians to get these lenses. You can simply visit the contact lenses stores and choose the best crazy contact lenses for yourself. However, if you suffer from any type of eye irritation or eye inflammation after you wear the crazy contact lenses, immediately consult an optician to avoid further eye damages.

Varieties of crazy contact lenses

The crazy contact lenses are available in various designs. This type of contact lenses range from designs of yellow cat eyes, striped zebra style, flags/ cross designs, colorful spirals to sunshine lenses. However, you can easily choose the contact lenses from the following two types:
* Monthly crazy contact lenses - these lenses are flexible and you can wear them for a period of one month or 30 wearing times.
* Standard crazy contact lenses - these lenses ensure maximum comfort as you can wear them for an extended period of 18 months.

When you choose any of these crazy contact lenses and start wearing them, you should regularly cleanse and rinse them in disinfecting lens-cleaning solutions.

Tips to experience the best of crazy contact lenses

The opticians and contact lenses manufacturers always specify on perfect caring of contact lenses. So when you wear a pair of crazy contact lenses, you should also abide by the following tips to experience the comfort of the best contact lenses:
* Do not apply make-ups and perfumes, lotions and sprays to avoid any damage to the crazy contact lenses.
* Use prescribed solutions for cleaning your crazy contact lenses. Do not use tap water, saliva or homemade solutions.
* Before handling your crazy contact lenses, wash your hands with soap water to ensure maximum safety.

Use the cleaning solutions particularly as prescribed by your doctor, for it helps to retain the spooky color of the crazy contact lenses.

So wear the crazy contact lenses to feel different, look unique and give a go-crazy shock to others around you.

Halloween Contact Lenses - Go Crazy With These Special Lenses

Make your Halloween festival on 31st October a special one by using some crazy Halloween contact lenses. Since a long time, your children had been aspiring to go insane with spooky dresses during Halloween! Right? So now is the time you give them a pleasant surprise with some go-crazy Halloween contact lenses. Watch how the insane color of their eyes match the eerie dress they are wearing. It's even time for you parents, to treat yourself with these Halloween contact lenses.

Correct your vision and enhance your style with Halloween contact lenses

Here is good news for people who possess eye power yet desperately wants to wear Halloween contact lenses. In this case, you should consult a doctor for a proper prescription. Depending on prescribed advice, you can now buy those Halloween contact lenses, which not only help in visual correction but also give a surprising look to your eyes. If you do not possess eye power, and simply want to wear Halloween contact lenses to honor the occasion, then visit the contact lenses stores and choose some special mind- boggling Halloween contact lenses to get the spookiest look!

Different Halloween contact lenses in vogue

The Halloween contact lenses are much in vogue now. Not only do they enhance the jack o' lantern look of the Halloween Eve's Day, the lenses are also elaborately used by performers of horror movies and eerie television serials to give the audience a blood-chilling feel. Ranging from yellow tiger's eye lenses, Banshee lenses, dollar sign eyes, spider web sprayed lenses, fearfully striped lenses to those of vampire red lenses, Halloween contact lenses will give you the best feel of the occasion.

Tips to use your special Halloween contact lenses

Whether you are wearing the Halloween contact lenses or your children are wearing them, you must be aware of the following tips to enjoy the best use of the lenses:
* You should get the correct contact lenses cleaning solution so that the colors do not get washed off. Rinse and disinfect the lenses regularly in these cleaning solutions.
* Never use the Halloween contact lenses of some other people. It can even cause blindness.
* Do not wear the contact lenses for more than 8 hours to avoid eye problems.
* Do not sleep, bathe or swim with Halloween contact lenses. Avoid wearing the lenses specially when you are cooking.

So next time when you choose some real crazy dresses for your Halloween special party, also buy a spooky pair of Halloween contact lenses to give a complete eerie look to yourself or your excited children.

Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses - Things You Need to Know Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses - Things You Need to Know by Rocky James

Many people who need contact lenses recently switched to color contacts with corrective powers. But you don’t have to be shortsighted or longsighted to enjoy a new eye color. Find out how you can get non-prescription color lenses and what you need to know to make the right choice.
What non-prescription color contacts are available?
If you are looking for non-prescription (also called plano) color lenses, the choices are great - all well-known brands offer color contacts with no prescription as well as corrective lenses. Freshlook, Acuvue 2 Colors and Durasoft Colors are the leaders in the color lens market. When making your order, you just need to specify “0” where it says power. Also you can find hundreds of no-brand non-prescription color contact lenses online.
However, it is recommended to go for a well-known brand produced by established contact lens manufacturer. The reason is that while most color contacts look great in your eyes, not all of them feel comfortable. Brand-name lenses are made from quality materials and are designed to be comfortable as well as gorgeous. On the other hand unknown color contacts can not only be uncomfortable, but plain dangerous. As you can imagine, some paints are quite toxic, so it is important to use a paint that is safe for your eyes.
Do you want to change or to enhance your natural color?
All non-prescription color contacts fall into two major groups - opaque and enhancement contact lenses. If you have light eyes, enhancement color lenses will add brightness to your natural color, making your eyes appear more interesting and stunning. To change your natural color, use opaque color lenses even if you have light eyes. For people with dark eyes, opaque color lenses are the only option.
To determine whether the lens is enhancement or opaque, look at its name. The name of the lens usually suggests whether it is opaque or enhancement contacts. Also opaque lenses might say “for dark eyes” while enhancers are often labeled “for light eyes”.
The most popular color contacts, Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers and Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques, leave you in no doubt as to which is which. From Freshlook collections, Freshlook Colors and Freshlook Colorblends are opaque lenses, while Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Radiance are enhancers.
Be careful not to buy lightly tinted lenses. It is difficult to see a clear contact lens in the solution, so for your convenience most corrective lenses have a light blue tint. This tint doesn’t affect your eye color at all, its only purpose is to make the lens easier to find in its case.
For non prescription color lenses you need a doctor’s prescription
If you never had vision problems, you might be surprised to find out that to buy plano color lenses a person needs a doctor’s prescription. The reason is that contact lenses (including colored lenses) have more characteristics than just corrective power. It isn’t a “one size fits all” proposition - you also have to know the base curve of your eye and the recommended diameter of the lens. Only a qualified eye care practitioner can measure your eyes.
Often, people ignore the need for a prescription and order color lenses they like from the Internet. This is really not a good idea. Of course, if you intend to wear your lenses for one special occasion, probably nothing horrible will happen. But continuous wear of contact lenses that are not properly fitted can damage your eyes, even if you never had vision problems before.
However, you should check what is sold online before visiting your eye doctor for a prescription. Find several brands that offer the right colors and suit your budget. This way, you can ask your doctor to recommend lenses from your list, rather than fully rely on his or her judgment.

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