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When it comes to choosing the right contact lenses, besides the sight disorders one 
is dealing with, other issues have to be taken in consideration. If one is likely 
to develop ocular allergies, wearing contact lenses might be a factor increasing the risk. 
Likewise, sensitive eyes are a problem, but sometimes wearing glasses is simply no option. 
Because all contact lens manufacturers have in their interest to provide security, comfort 
and healthy conditions, they came up with the idea of making daily disposable contact lenses, 
offering the freshness of a new pair every single day. These contacts are breathable, letting 
enough oxygen through, and combined with special wetting agents that keep the lens moist and 
clean for long time. These are the best disposable lenses clients with hypersensitive eyes 
could opt for due to their decreased likeliness of depositing debris that would cause 
irritation, discomfort, itching and redness. 

There are many companies and brands one can choose from. After a detailed eye examination, 
the eye care practitioner will point at the most suitable one, according to the results. 
Famous authorized companies are usually committed to prescription lenses, providing exactly 
what the patient needs, without any occurring complications. 
 Focus Dailies from CIBA Vision, 
for example, offer 90 pairs of lenses in a pack. With the AquaRelease moisturizing agent the 
lenses keep wet all day long, as the agent is released gradually, a little bit with each blink. 
This means extra comfort, and no dry eyes. CIBA Dailies are available in combined forms as 
well for astigmatic people, or for those who need   bifocals  1-Day ACUVUE lenses are probably 
even better, especially the brand named 1-Day ACUVUE Moist, for it uses a technology that 
provides long-lasting wetness for the lens, thus for the eyes. The technology called Lacreon 
is based on embedding water molecules directly into the matrix of the material used to create 
the lens, this way water is retained more easily and more effectively. The agent stimulates 
the layer of natural tears, providing outstanding comfort. The material obtained by this 
special combination reduces friction with the eyelids and stimulates water retention. Moreover, 
ACUVUE is the only brand providing dailies designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV 
radiations. Note that ACUVUE lenses are only available by prescription and manufactured 
only for vision correction. 

Whatever your choice will be after having consulted with your eye doctor, you need to 
pay attention to the instructions related to wearing contacts. Since dailies require 
no maintenance or a specific replacement schedule, using them should cause no trouble. 
However, you can always ask your eye care practitioner, if you have any questions, or 
download a Patient Instruction Guide. 

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